c'est la vie
i've had no luck on my exploration of the infinite abyss.
that's life. c'est la vie.

Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

I came so far for beauty by Sammy Slabbinck on Flickr.

Jaeyeol Han (South Korea) - Passers-By, Notting Hill, London, 2012 Paintings: Oil on Canvas

Week 2 of 3:

Anderson, who is tall and boyish, was wearing faded jeans and a matching work shirt. He perpetually has the sleepy look of the recently awakened, but his beadheadness is a disarming ruse; Anderson is, actually, a brilliant and sharp judge of human nature. Lynn Hirschberg, Port Magazine, Spring 2013

Waterfall amidst a mountain covered in ash after a volcano eruption. 
Taken in Iceland. 

going there was the most magical experience ever

Tim Burton: "He was so desperately in love with Winona, that when they broke up, he wouldn’t admit it was over for the longest time."
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